Keynote Speakers

Professor Nancy W. Y. LAW
Associate Dean (Development) of Education Faculty Director of Centre for Information Technology in Education
University of Hong Kong


Professor Law is internationally known for her work in the area of applying information technology (IT) to enhance learning and teaching, particularly in the area of international comparative studies of pedagogical innovations using IT, models of ICT integration in schools and change leadership, and IT-supported knowledge building for students, teachers and professional communities. A unique feature of her research is the depth of analyses and insight coupled with a remarkable breadth spanning many levels, from classrooms and schools to whole educational systemscharacteristics she considers to be essential to address, both in theory and in practice, the sustainability and scalability of IT-supported educational innovations. Her research findings reveal the complex interactions taking place when IT and educational innovation are introduced. Her current research focus is to apply design research methods to build network models of innovation that integrate teacher professional development and school leadership development with pedagogy, assessment and learning technology co-design. This work aims to derive design principles for building university-led innovation networks that are grounded on the best knowledge from learning sciences research and capable of scaffolding sustainable change. Professor Law is very much sought after as keynote speaker in many high profile international conferences and as expert consultant by UNESCO, OECD, European Commission and Worldbank on various projects related to pedagogy, assessment and implementation of IT in education to prepare learners for the 21st century. She serves on the Executive Board of the International Society of the Learning Sciences.

Professor Charles M. Reigeluth

Instructional Systems Technology Department
W.W. Wright Education Building Room EDUCATION 2236

Indiana University, Bloomington


Charles M. Reigeluth received a B.A. in economics from Harvard University. He was a high school teacher for three years before earning his Ph.D. in instructional psychology at Brigham Young University. He was a professor at Syracuse University for 10 years, culminating as chair of the Instructional Design program. He has been a Professor in the Instructional Systems Technology Department at Indiana University since 1988, and was chairman of the department for three years. Dr. Reigeluth`s career has combined scholarship with practical service and experience. The major focus of his work is helping school districts to transform from the industrial-age, sorting-focused, factory model of schools to the information-age, learning-focused, customized paradigm of education. Since January 2001 he has facilitated a district-wide paradigm-change effort in the Indianapolis Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township (see, where the superintendent consequently received the Superintendent of the Year Award for the State of Indiana. Reigeluth has been using that paradigm-change effort to conduct research and theory development to guide systemic transformation in school systems. His most recent research is advancing knowledge about personalized, integrated, technology systems that support the learner-centered paradigm of education. He has published nine books and over 140 journal articles and book chapters. Two of his books received an "outstanding book of the year" award from the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT). He also received Brigham Young University`s Distinguished Alumnus Award. In addition to his scholarly credentials, Dr. Reigeluth has placed great emphasis on public service and making his scholarly contributions relevant to practical problems. He has served as an educa¬tional change consultant for state and local educa¬tion agencies. For example, he was a member of the Indiana Curriculum Advisory Council from 1988-1992, working on its 21st Century Schools project. He worked on the Indiana Department of Education Restructuring Task Force in 1991 and provided significant input to the recommendations that resulted in the $860,000 appropriation and subsequent RFP. He also reviewed the resulting proposals for the Indiana Department of Education and advised several of the six pilot schools on how to conduct systemic restructuring. More recently, he assisted Indiana schools in Lebanon, Columbus, and Eastern Greene County, before beginning his intensive work with the Decatur Township School District. He has also worked with state leaders and policymakers in Ohio to advise them on the systemic transformation process. In recognition of his dedication to public service, he received AECT`s Distinguished Service Award, the highest award given by that professional association. Dr. Reigeluth also has a strong entrepreneurial bent. He founded the Division for Systemic Change in AECT and served as its president for two terms, he founded the Special Interest Group on Restructuring Public Education in AERA (American Educational Research Association), and he founded the School Restructuring Consortium and the Restructuring Support Service at Indiana University. Most recently he teamed with Francis M. Duffy to cofound the FutureMinds Initiative in AECT, in an attempt to develop the capacity of many states to benefit from the experience of the Decatur Township and help their school districts to engage in a similar paradigm-change process. He has also served as a member of the AECT Board of Directors.


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