Paper Guidelines

The Scientific Committee encourages you to submit your abstracts to the Symposium. The abstracts should be written in English or Turkish, the official languages of the event.


Abstract Submission Deadline: Completed
Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: Completed
Final Paper Submission Deadline: August 09th, 2011 (included)*

* By midnight - 23:59 GMT+2 Istanbul Time Zone 

Types of contributions: ORAL and VIRTUAL

Attending in person:

Oral presentation: each presentation will last 15 minutes and will be presented in parallel thematic sessions. We will inform you about the reference of your session and the time of your presentation about 4 weeks before the event. If you have any personal restriction to present your paper in a specific date, please send us an e-mail with your request, and we will answer as soon as possible.


Virtual presentation:

If you wish your paper to be published in ICITS2011 Publications, but you are not able to attend ICITS2011 Conference in person, you can register for a virtual presentation.

The instructions for virtual authors are:

  • Virtual authors should submit their abstracts for evaluation before the deadline:June 24th, 2011.
  • When an abstract is accepted, the full paper should be submitted on-line before the September 09th, 2011 .
  • Virtual presentations will not be simultaneous. Virtual authors will be able to present their papers as follows:
    • In addition to the paper submission, virtual authors can optionally submit a powerpoint presentation (with video and/or audio). These presentations will be uploaded in the symposium website, in a special virtual section, so that all the symposium participants will have access to them during and after the symposium.
    • This virtual section will enable all the participants to have access to all virtual presentations during and after the event, without having any limitations linked to time zone differences, considering the large amount of countries from all continents who will be participating in ICITS2011.
  • Virtual authors could be contacted by e-mail by the symposium participants in case of technical questions regarding their virtual paper.
  • Abstracts and papers will be included in ICITS2011 publications (ICITS2011 Proceedings CD)


1. If your abstract has been accepted, you should submit your Final Paper. There is a limitation of 6 pages.

2. Contributions will only be published at ICITS2011 publications if at least one of the authors of the paper is registered before the 16th of September 2011 (in person or virtually).

3. If you wish to be a session chair, please e-mail your request to and indicate the topic area in which you are interested. Registration for the conference is required to be a session chair.


1. The paper should be A4 format (21 x 29.7 cm). Left, right, top and bottom margins should be 3.00 cm each. 
2. Title should be 14-point, all in capital letters, and centered. If the paper is prepared in Turkish, English title should be prepared with the same format and follow the Turkish title after allowing one blank line. 
3. Font size throughout the paper should be 10-point in Times New Roman, in single space, and justified. 
4. The whole text should be written with “Times New Roman”. 
5. Do not give page numbers for the paper 
6. A blank line should be left after the title. Names of authors, affiliations and e-mails should be provided after the title.
7. Following the authors’ information, a 150-word abstract should be provided. If the paper is prepared in Turkish, an abstract in English should accompany it. The “ABSTRACT” should be. 
8. Graphics and pictures should not exceed the given page margins, and should be prepared in pure black and white format. 
9. One blank line should be allowed between the components of the paper (i.e. introduction, methods and procedures, results, conclusion, references.). Main headings should be centered, bold and capitalized. The second level of headings should be title case and bold. The third level should be italicized and upper- and lower-case heading. 
10. For titles of tables, graphics and pictures, sentence case should be used. 
11. Texts used in Tables, graphics and pictures should be Time New Roman. The font size can be reduced to 6 pt. 
12. References should be at the end of the paper and should be listed alphabetically. References and citations within the text should be prepared in the APA format. Footnotes are not allowed. 
13. Abbreviations should comply with the standard use. They should be given in full format at the first place they are used. 
14. The paper should be maximum 6 pages long including pictures and tables.


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